Personal scraps and bits

by Klaus Rubrecht

Latest of my written stuff

Ruby's TSort explained

I was suprised to find out about TSort, a standard Ruby module implementing Tarjan’s graph algorithm. When you come and think about it, it’s in fact no surprise that it is in the standard library. Dependency management is behind every corner in software engineering: from managing you gems, to implementing...

About me

We are what we repeatedly do. So I'm mainly a freelance web developer, but beside that I'm a smidge music lover, a bit runner, part history buff and traveller. I've studied physics engineering and maths as a foundation, and try to apply the problemsolving skills picked up along the way in my daily work. I'm based in Belgium, but I've lived in Aotearoa/New Zealand and Norway before.

My professional activities are being driven by my company CodeCanoe, contact me there if you have a professional inquiry.

I've specialized mainly in enterprise level applications in all kinds of sectors, from healthcare, over sports to financial. The tech I'm well versed at is called Ruby On Rails, but throughout the years I've worked with a bunch of different technology stacks.

Some of the projects I've worked on


Financial management platform

Product development in an up and coming scale up, helping set the lines and technical vision for the product.

CAT Solutions

Providing solutions and services regarding ERP systems for businesses.

CAT Solutions offered me a platform to work on a lot of different Rails applications. Different challenges arose, from green field projects to reducing technical debt in long life applications. I was technically responsible for a main greenfield project.


One of europe's leading crowdfunding platforms

At MyMicroInvest my work consisted of expanding the modern monolithic Rails app by providing automation features on the admin backend to handle all transactions efficiently as well as building new frontend features with React. The challenges required a good knowledge of different payment systems, as they were expanding to the whole of Europe at the time.


Moonchase provides Medical IT solutions for laboratories

Developing a Cordova based app that reminds doctors of their incoming testresults with push notifications was a big point of focus at Moonchase, later on I worked further on expanding the API, but also rendering SVG in their web application and on premise solutions.


Silverfin is an up and coming online platform for connected accounting

As the first technical contributor except for the founder I saw Silverfin grow from an early stage startup to a scale-up of with a development team of 8 people. Amongst the issues I've tackled are reverse engineering and synchronizing different accountancy databases, rebranding the frontend, and creating the basis for an internal communication platform and customizable dashboard.


FLIR ITS is a manufacterer of embedded video detection thermal camera's for traffic applications

While working on the detection algorithms there was a growing need for internal tooling, so I developed an automated build server running the detection algorithms on large batches of annotated images. The detection team can now happily make releases and make sure their detection performance is up to par. This included establishing a connection with their internal LDAP server for authentication, an providing detailed results analysis in a dashboard.


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